What is the risk of malicious attacks to Warwickshire?

Everyone needs to be vigilant to any risks of terrorism.

Current terrorist risks mainly come from extreme Islamist terrorists or extreme right-wing terrorists.

Future attacks are likely to be by ‘self-initiated’ terrorists who are not part of a terrorist organisation using low sophistication methods such as a knife or vehicle.

As a result it’s really important to keep an eye out for people who might be at risk of radicalisation. Radicalisation can occur because of contact with those with extremist views, or through accessing extremist material online.

The young, vulnerable, or disenfranchised are among those who are at increased risk of radicalisation.

How could malicious attacks
affect you and your family?

  • Risk to life
  • Many of the networks and individuals who pose a terrorist threat seek to harm large numbers of people
  • Some groups aspire to attack infrastructure using both traditional methods and alternatives such as cyber attacks
  • Any form of attack can potentially threaten life, property and community cohesion

We can all be better prepared to
respond and recover from malicious attacks

Follow these practical steps so you and your family can be better prepared for a malicious attack.


Know the current threat level

Information about current threat levels can be found on the MI5 website.

Improve your knowledge

You can access up-to-date and accurate information to improve your knowledge by viewing the Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) website and the ProtectUK website.

How to prepare
your business

Warwickshire LRF

What is being done to become
better prepared?

We work together to:

  • Identify groups or individuals who pose a threat and actively address that.
  • Provide training and guidance to event organisers, businesses and other organisations to help them understand the terrorist threat, improve protective security and preparedness.
  • Ensure emergency responders have the trained and exercised resources in place to be ready to respond.

Mi5 - Information about threat levels 

Mi5 The Security Service - www.mi5.gov.uk

GOV.UK - Report Suspicious activity - Report terrorist or extremist content online – Report possible terrorist or extremist activity online | Action Counters Terrorism.

Counter Terrorism Policing - www.act.campaign.gov.uk

Citizen Aid App - a useful website and App that provides information to help the publicstay safe and improvise effective medical treatment,before the emergency services arrive to provide professional medical support.

Citizen Aid App - www.citizenaid.org

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