Let’s Talk Warwickshire Podcast: Introducing Warwickshire Resilience Forum

An introduction to key risks in Warwickshire, how to prepare for risks and a new website are some of the topics covered in the latest Let’s Talk Warwickshire podcast.

In this month’s discussion, our podcast host, Gail, speaks to key figures from Warwickshire Resilience Forum (WRF). Co-Chairs, Alex Franklin-Smith and Ben Brook, and Tactical Lead, Liz Hicks introduce WRF, share advice on how to prepare for the key risks in Warwickshire and announce the new WRF website.

You can listen to the full episode here – https://letstalkwarwickshire.podbean.com/e/warwickshire-resilience-forum/

Our guests explain how over 20 partner agencies work together to help you prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies.

They also introduce the key risks most likely to affect Warwickshire, and share simple tips on how to prepare for these risks.

Knowing the key risks is the first step to becoming prepared, so take a few minutes to read through the list of risks and how to prepare for them.

One of the simplest ways to prepare for emergencies is creating a ‘grab bag’. This should include any medicines you need for yourself, your family and/or pets, insurance documents and key phone numbers. This will be key in case you need to leave your home for a few days.

Alex Franklin-Smith, WRF Co-Chair and Deputy Chief Constable at Warwickshire Police, emphasises the importance of knowing the risks before an emergency occurs, and knowing who to contact if a particular risk is likely to affect you.

“Being prepared for emergencies is crucial to keeping yourself, your community or your business safe from any of the key risks which may occur in Warwickshire.

“Even seemingly small steps, like learning those risks and who to contact in an emergency, can make a huge difference in minimising their impact and ensuring you can return to normality as quickly as possible.”

Some of our partners

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