FloodEx News Release

Major exercise increases emergency preparedness in Warwickshire

A multi-agency training exercise focused on responding to and recovering from a major flood incident has been undertaken by emergency services and organisations across Warwickshire.

Bluelight responders, local authorities, infrastructure and utility organisations and members of the voluntary sector were amongst the large number of organisations to participate in the week-long exercise, which ran from Monday September 25 to Friday September 29. These organisations form part of Warwickshire Local Resilience Forum (WLRF), a partnership which aims to help Warwickshire prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies.

The exercise included two successful ‘live-play’ events based at Kingsbury Water Park and a rest centre set up in Alcester, as part of a simulated scenario which evolved quickly throughout the week.
WLRF Co-Chair and Chief Fire Officer at Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service, Ben Brook, said:

“I’m really pleased with how well this exercise went and how engaged all our partners and participants were in what is a vitally important part of preparing for an emergency situation.

“We know that the risk of flooding in Warwickshire is very real and could affect many of our residents and businesses at any time. This is why, as public services and partners in Warwickshire, we are keen to take a proactive role in preparing for how we will respond to such events.

“Any opportunity to put our planning into practice is invaluable.”

Deputy Chief Constable for Warwickshire Police, and fellow WLRF Co-Chair, Alex Franklin-Smith, added:

“Here in Warwickshire we have a strong history of all WLRF partner organisations, private and voluntary sectors and our local communities working together to keep people safe and we are committed to continuing to do this.

“We therefore look forward to reviewing the evaluation of this exercise to inform how we can improve our collective preparedness, bringing communities and WLRF partners closer together to best equip everyone to protect lives and become better prepared for emergencies.”

Some of our partners

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